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Friday, April 19, 2019 8:33 AM

Date of Occurrence: 6/14/2014
Report Timely: Yes
Type of Occurrence: Diverted Drugs

On 06/14/14, diverted drugs were suspected at the facility.

The facility conducted an internal investigation. The facility notified the Boards of Nursing and Pharmacy. The facility reviewed documentation, including the pharmacy audits. The facility interviewed staff who reported the concern of diversion and the suspected staff member. The suspect employee had appeared disheveled, acted upset while at work, and was in possession of tuberculin syringes, which are usually not used in general patient care. An audit of this staff member's medication withdrawal and administration from the medication dispensing machine was conducted. The audit revealed multiple unaccounted controlled medications, including Dilaudid, Fentanyl, and Oxycodone, both intravenous and oral. The staff member was suspended and a drug screen was conducted, which was positive for the same medications. The staff member's employment was terminated. The facility will continue routine medication audits in order to prevent a recurrence and identify possible diversion.

The Department reviewed the facility's report and supplemental documentation and found that the facility acted appropriately by reporting the occurrence, notifying the appropriate persons and agencies, conducting an investigation, reviewing documentation, conducting interviews and terminating the staff member's employment.

No deficient practice was cited. The Department will review this occurrence prior to any survey or upon receipt of any complaint that may be filed against this facility.

Sent to Facility: 7/23/2014

FACILITY COMMENT: Following receipt of the above summary, no additional comments were submitted by the facility.

Released to Public: 8/18/2014

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